Secure Networking Infrastructure

Internetworking/Datacommunications Specialists
to Cloud & Data Hosting

Internetworking of LAN and WAN UK/Global IP, V0IP Networking with excellent Security and Systems Integration Specialists with experience in: Global Web Services, Architecture for WAN with SNA, Secure VPN with IPSec, TCP/IP, LAN, Infrastructure Solutions. Mainframe to PC connectivity and MAC for Multi-media. Omni Channel and Secure Mobile Solutions. Intelligent terminal systems, BOYD for iOS, Network Access Control etc. Cisco, Routers, Switches, (RIP) and OSPF, Intelligent hubs, Network Management Software, SNMP. HP OpenView. EDI, Gateways, Data communications Systems, Juniper Security, F5, Load Balancing Infrastructure. Telecommunications for Unified Comms, Call Centre Technology including most networking and network software solutions. Data Centre hosting with iSCSI and Fibre Channel, Voice, data with Videoconferencing; etc.

Experts covering UK, EMEA and Globally:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Technical Services
  • Compliance Management
  • Pre-Sales Consulting
  • Professional Services
  • Service Delivery Mangers
  • Training and Transformation
  • Technical Consultants
  • Technical Product Managers & Support
  • Technical Service Managers
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