Digital Transformation

Cloud & eSolutions

Hi-Calibre are proud to be able to provide Experts in all areas of Digital Transformation, ICT needs, Business Applications, E-Solutions & M-Commerce, Omni-channel needs specialising in various areas of the Cloud from Infrastructure to SaaS. Covering from Data Centre to Linux/Unix, SaaS, to on-line Services & the Development Team to make it happen, PHP, Java, .Net markets and API for database integration on multiple applications for the customer journey, CX and a successful outcome. Offering Agile and SAFe Leaders.

Cloud & Hosting Systems, Database and Virtualised Server Environments, we provide Experts in all these areas including deep technical experts to the PaaS needs, AI, Robot Process Automation, RPA to complement the Digital Transformation needs and Business Process Management Services for various customer experiences, CX and Contact Centre Services.

A snapshot of Technology, may include: VMWare, UNIX, LINUX, Mac OS, UNISYS, Microsoft Windows, covering Performance Management Software and Maintenance for automation scripting etc. Support using CX Platform software, C++, C#, Java, PHP, .Net SQL, Scala, Rust, Golang Programming etc.

Various frameworks including:  Angular, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET Core, Bootstrap, Apache, Drupal, MVC, Spring, Symfony, REACT framework etc. Systems Integration for Web Services, Multi-channel solutions in E-Marketing, and Digital Media to Mobile technologies for best practice and interoperability etc. Please see our IT Technical page for many more areas developed over the last 30+ years.

Experts to complement your Team include:


Confident Consultants with a strong presales background in a range of Cloud Systems, Software, ERP, FINTECH, HRIS & many Business Solutions across a wide range of technologies. Used to working with prospects to understand and document business issues, processes, create compelling presentations and demonstrations and contribute to the attainment of corporate revenue objectives. Excellent interpersonal skills, and adept at managing multiple projects and priorities. Good hybrid business and technical experience to support the full Sales Development Life Cycle.

Software Systems/ Web Hosting/ Cloud:

Re-Architecture or Enhancement all RDBMS, Cloud, SaaS, Oracle, Sybase, SAP,, CA, Actian, Microsoft SQL/Server, SAS, Smalltalk, Business, Objects, IBM Cognos, Appeon, Powerbuilder, Netsuite, Progress Software and many more PaaS needs for the CX.

Senior & Software Developers:

OOA, OOD, OOP, “C” & C++, Java, .Net, Angular JS, PHP Symfony, APACHE, Ruby-on-Rails, MVC, Spring, MySQL, Visual Basic, VBA. Application Development Tools: Micro Focus, Microsoft Dynamics and other E-CRM software, CSS, HTML and many more.

Senior & Testing Experts:

Using various automated and manual plans and tools etc. including Real Time project experts, TDD with ISO and EFQM for Total Quality Management and Security, Business Compliance etc for implementation including the Base Process Library (BPL). Tools include: Selenium, Cucumber, Appium, Test Complete, JIRA etc.

Other Experts include:

  • Technical Services Manager
  • Technical Consultants
  • Consultants & System Integration
  • Presales and Consultancy
  • IT Managers
  • MIS Managers
  • Data Centre Managers
  • Customer Support Manager
  • Project Leaders
  • Technical Product Managers & Support
  • Business Analysts
  • Technical Trainers
  • Database Administrators, Oracle, SQL, SAP etc.
  • SOAP and EAI, ETL Architects
  • Business Intelligence, Data Extraction & Retrieval
  • Big Data & Marketing Automation, Data Scientists etc.

Web Development & Online Services:

Developing leading edge, innovative Web & Cloud Applications in most languages covering Java, Symfony PHP Framework, MySQL, AJAX, Ruby-on-Rails, MVC, CSS, HTML5, XML, API’s etc. Oracle Java Cloud, Amazon Corretto and much more….

Java & .Net, J2EE, J2SE, JavaScript, JDBC, JAXP, JUnit, Clover, Eclipse etc. Java API, Java SE, JDK. Oracle integration, RDBMS, Advanced Management Console, AMC etc.

Analyst/Programmers/ Development Engineers:

Experienced to all levels. Various systems including SaaS, Oracle Financials, SCM Supply Chain Management on, Windows and Linux. SAP, Sybase, Oracle, JD Edwards, SAS, Smalltalk, Business Objects, IBM Cognos. Development in C, C++, C#, SQL Server CE, Visual, Basic, JAVA, J2EE, Ruby on Rails, .Net, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, SharePoint, Web methods, HTML, XML, CASE, TPF, E-Commerce, eMarketing and e-CRM, NAV etc.

Software Operations & Support:

Support of all Open Systems, UNIX, LINUX, Data centres & Databases, Microsoft Windows, Servers and Internet, ISP, ASP, E-mail Service Providers & Social Media, eDeliverability services. Applications covering from software development, E-Marketing, Security, Identity Management, e-Payments, Multi-channel payment solutions, Storage, Transaction Processing, Workflow to Operations and Help Desk support on most applications for reporting, Business Intelligence, BI and delivered to ITIL environments to meet customer satisfaction and SLAs.

Systems Technical Support:

Experienced Engineers in various levels of Cloud systems support, client support to in-house user support and outsourced services to meet SLA’s etc. Systems Administration for Datacentres and Datacenter virtualisation on multi-platform, Unified Communications from Big Data needs to Multi-media connectivity and installation including Internet, E- Commerce and M-Commerce infrastructure and secure optimisation systems, Business Intelligence and Analytical software systems. Multi-channel Transaction Services for business growth and customer profiling etc.

Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing & Big Data

In today’s market for faster and more accurate information and keeping data to comply with corporate regulations and Governance, Business Intelligence and Data warehousing are essential technologies for the SMB, Enterprise and Public Sectors.

The Hi-Calibre team have been specialising in providing top talent in Business Intelligence for over two decades, working with many world leaders from the beginning and evolving with the technologies and market demands.

Hi-Calibre International can offer expert Professionals in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, DaaS, Big Data, AI, ML, RPA and Cloud for the following needs of business:

  • Sales Directors
  • UK and EMEA Sales Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Marketing Directors
  • UK and EMEA Product Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Professional Services Directors
  • Chief Solution Architects,
  • Specialist eDeliverability Services
  • Business Analysts
  • Solutions Consultants
  • Pre & Post Sales
  • Service Delivery Managers
  • Implementation Consultants
  • Technical Support Engineers

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